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2009-06-20 02:13:31 by Evil-Gandalf

Hey all. I don't make posts here often, but I thought I would anyway. *shrugs* o.o

Lately, I've been playing such a decent amount of Drift City that I decided to dedicate a song to it, which is my latest release at the time of this post~ ^_^ Check it out, and let me know what you think! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to other websites on here, so I won't, but I'd highly recommend Drift City to anyone who wants a free to play, addicting, and fun racing game to play ^_^ It's an open MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, meaning there's other people driving everywhere, and it's also an RPG, meaning you level up and attempt to raise your stats with good equipment (parts for your car! ^_^). Either way, I just thought I'd explain my current video-game political views, haha. If anyone wishes to chat about different online games, feel free to send a PM my way ^_^


The Return

2007-11-17 02:43:33 by Evil-Gandalf

Hello, Newgrounds. I've been away for quite a while. Not that you care, but you've been in the very back of my mind; just a shadow of my past. Though, recently, I've been taking up many things I used to do. I don't know what exactly brought me here, but that no longer matters, because I'm here, and marking this trivial event is the release of my newest song, entitled "Ice".

It appears that every time I turn my head away from this site, it changes vastly. I'd have to name it the site with the most changing template I've ever seen. Thumbs up to the devs.